I Game on Linux!

Did you know?

You can play hundreds, possibly thousands of your favorite computer video games on Linux?

Right now there literally over 7000 great games you can play on Linux! You don't need Microsoft Windows or an overly priced (and now changed architecture of) a Mac.

Chances are if you're a PC Gamer, you may already use Steam. They make roughly 7800 games able to run on Linux. Some run like it was made for Linux. Others need a few tweaks. You can also use tools like Heroic Game Launcher, Lutris, PlayOnLinx and Wine to get your favorite games installed. Tools like Proton and Vulkan make all this possible!

Not all AAA titles run just yet, but the library of games are exploding day by day!

If gaming was holding you back from switching from Microsoft Windows to Linux, now is the time!

You'll also be welcomed to a much warmer, kinder community. One that doesn't seek to soak your wallet and harvest your privacy.

Have questions? Want to share more info with me? Help me correct anything?

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